Add Text Watermark from Template

Say goodbye to the tedious task of rebuilding your text watermark from scratch every single time! Templates are your secret weapon, offering a treasure trove of professional-looking watermarks ready to be instantly applied. No more wrestling with font formatting and placement – templates take care of the heavy lifting, freeing you to focus on what truly ignites your creativity.

Templates aren't rigid! You can often adjust elements within them. Imagine tweaking the watermark opacity for a specific image or adding a date for version control. Templates offer a foundation for quick customization when needed.

By starting with a text watermark template, you gain a significant edge. You'll work faster, ensure brand consistency, and have a flexible base for on-the-fly adjustments. Templates transform text watermarking from a chore to a powerful tool that seamlessly integrates into your workflow.

  1. Open the Text Panel

    On the Editor, tap on the Text button to open the Text Panel.

  2. Open the Templates Panel

    On the Text Panel, tap on the Templates button to show the Templates Panel.

  3. Select a Template

    Tap on one of the templates on the Templates Panel.