Watermark Equalize

  1. Select Watermarks

    Select 2 or more watermarks.

    • To select multiple watermarks, activate "Multi-Select" and tap on watermarks to select more than one.
  2. Open the "Toolbar"

    Open the "Toolbar" by tapping on its icon towards the top left corner of the screen.

  3. Open the "Equalize" Menu

    Open the "Equalize" menu by tapping on its icon.

  4. Equalize Watermarks

    Equalize watermarks by tapping on the "Width", "Height" or "Proportional" buttons.

    • To have the watermarks have same width, you the "Width" option.
    • To have the watermarks have same height, you the "Height" option.
    • To use a specific calculation to resize watermark to have proportional sizes with each other, use the "Proportional" option.