Copy Layout to Single Image

  1. Open the Layout Panel

    On the Editor, tap on the Layout button to open the Layout Panel.

    • If the "Layout" button is not visible, scroll horizontally on the Feature Panel (where you see "Watermark", "Text", "Tile" buttons)
    • The "Layout" button will be greyed out if you have selected only a single image on the Images tab.
  2. Open "Copy Layout" Dialog

    On the Layout Panel, tap on the "Copy" button to open the "Copy Layout" dialog.

  3. Confirm "Copy Layout" Settings

    Make sure the settings you would like to copy are checked. By default, all settings are checked. When done, confirm the "Copy Layout" settings.

  4. Paste Layout

    Go to another image by swiping right-to-left or left-to-right on the Editor image.

    Tap on the "Paste" button to paste the copied layout to the current image.